Littleton is the town where the Peterson family lives.


  • Lucky Dog Books- A booskstore where Buddy's mother, Skipper lives with Jerry Small.
  • Littleton Fire Department- Where Paul Peterson works.
  • Littleton News Office- Betsy Peterson's workplace and where the paper is published.
  • Littleton Elementary- Where Lizzie, Charles, Sammy, David, Maria, and other kids go to school.
  • Caring Paws- The local animal shelter and where Lizzie volunteers.
  • Penny's Place- The Bean's daycare center where Molly lives.


  • The Peterson's
  • The Santiago's
  • Sammy's Family
  • David's Family
  • Luke's Family
  • The Drake's
  • Briana's Family
  • Anjali's
  • Tank's House
  • Pixie and Pogo's House